Xaydir; Cervidine grossanteocul


Xaydir are nearly-extinct Verpets that resemble prehistoric deer. They have long, spindly antlers on their heads and have several protrusions along their backs of the same material. Xaydir have long manes that run the length of their back, and their fur is long and covered in both spots and stripes.


Being prey animals, Xaydir are easy to scare and are prone to bolt upon hearing a loud noise or seeing a sudden movement. If raised from birth, Xaydir are loving pets, but they cannot be tamed later in life.


Xaydir live in underground oases, but thrive nowhere in the caverns. Their long antlers hinder their movement through trees and vines, and often become entangled, leaving them in danger of falling prey to other creatures or to starve.

Egg - Baby

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Nightflower

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