Thaber; Mylodont sabertoothus


Thabers sport large, feline-like eyes, large noses, thick stubby claws and smaller stubby fangs. They also sport a large silky mane that travels down their belly into the tail, which is often sought after for the fur. Their coat is marked lightly with stripes and they have odd cheek bone spikes that jut out to the side.


Known best for being lazy and slow moving, Thabers act completely opposite to their feline appearance. Though they are omnivores, they are often found eating plants as it's easier to get too. Thabers are said to be able to run great speeds, though no one has ever seen it happen, as they are usually always sleeping or sitting around. They are nocturnal, and come out more at night to climb up ledges and underground trees. They are simple, and friendly, and though lazy, extremely curious and are drawn to new objects like magnets. They are very social, and live in family groups and are often seen grooming one another.


Thabers like to live on the ground, and up in underground trees, where they go to nest and sleep. They prefer dirt and grassy ground to more rocky areas, as they use their claws to dig into the dirt for grubs sometimes.

Egg - Baby

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Nightflower

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