Rozator; Lemur catta


Rozators have long, thin bodies and lengthy limbs. Their tails are usually striped, and their eyes are solid black. They have rodent-like ears, feet, and faces. Around their eyes are rings. What sets them apart from other species especially is that they have two stomachs rather than one, with a strong digestive acid that can eat through metal and bone.


Rozators are scavengers by nature. Their main diet is corpses and rocks, without exception. Although they are harmless, the awful smell that their excrement produces is enough to turn most people and predators away. Any Rozator owner would have to be able to put up with this foul smell; however, they will be rewarded for this by the fact that they literally excrete diamonds.


Rozators are found in the mountains of Verpets. They find their meals best there, where there are countless rocks for them to eat and corpses from pets who could not survive the climate.

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Death - Divine

Teacup - Viral - Totem


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