Dactryx; Pterodon pygmius


The Dactryx can be best identified by its large colourful head crest and fat spiked beak. They have a large wingspan for their size, and are covered in leathery skin from head to toe. Their wings are thin but strong, and their long tails can almost be described as prehensile. They also have small, black eyes, lack ears, and have tiny feet and small wing claws.


Dactryx are extremely social animals, living in large family colonies. They are nervous, but curious, and excite easily. A Dactryx can best be described as a flying ball of energy. They aren't the most intelligent Verpet, but given time they have been seen to figure out small tricks. Dactryx make great small pets for those owners with a lot of energy and time, as they can become very affectionate and need lots of attention and socialization.


Dactryx like to live up along the ceiling of caves. They are often found hiding in ledges and pockets in the rock together. Rarely they will come down to crawl along the ground in search of small cave bugs and crabs, but here they are most vulnerable to other predators. They make their nests along stalactites, the eggs bound to the rock in special mud and spittle nests.

Egg - Baby

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Nightflower

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