Berpunny; Oryctogi puddate


Berpunny are rabbit-like Verpets. They are medium sized with long legs and floppy ears. For the most part, Berpunnies are solid in color, but they have lighter fur on their legs and faces.


Berpunnies are energetic and playful, and refuse to take no for an answer if they are hyper. They are social with smaller Verpets, but are wary and fearful of any Verpet it deems a predator.


There is no such thing as a wild Berpunny, as they are the result of a bizarre genetic mutation occurring from feeding a pet approximately 100 Strawberry Puddings. Once a Berpunny has been created, it enjoys frolicking in both fields and forests.

Black (Licorice) - Blue (Blueberry) - Brown (Chocolate)

Green (Mint) - Orange (Peach) - Pink (Strawberry)

Purple (Plum) - Red (Cherry) - White (Vanilla)

Yellow (Honey) - Death - Divine

Teacup - Viral - Totem

Easter - Candy

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