Bastille; Primeus raius


Bastilles are very rare ape-like pets. Their bodies are heavily muscled, particularly their forearms, making them four times as strong as the average user. The intricate patterns on their fur made them heavy targets for poaching, and they've been hunted to the verge of extinction.


Bastille are friendly and intelligent. For the few users lucky enough to own one, they make wonderful pets. However, their intelligence also makes them quite willful, and novice users may find them difficult to train.


Bastilles were once found in the forests of Verpets, until heavy hunting reduced their numbers so greatly that their species could no longer survive. Ibo was able to capture the last of the Bastille's fading essence, placing it in the Magical Bastille Banana, which users can purchase if they would like one of these pets.

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Death - Divine

Teacup - Viral - Totem

Candy - Clover

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