Balkane; Chirae vampiria


Balkanes are bat-like Verpets who possess fully functional arms allowing them to carry food to their young back in the caves. Their long, muscular tails act as an emergency rudder, allowing them to quickly dart in a different direction to avoid danger.


Balkanes are curious and friendly Verpets, and will fly very close to exploring users to investigate them. They make loving pets and enjoy cuddling with owners and other pets they may have. Unfortunately it seems their loving nature arose so they would be close to another living creature should their thirst for blood need to be quenched.


Balkanes remain nestled in caves during the day, but as night falls they venture out in search of food. They prefer eating fruits and insects, but during months where they are scarce, Balkanes will prey on sleeping Verpets for blood.

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Death - Divine

Teacup - Viral - Totem


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