Anolia; Oceanus turtulus


A Verpet of the modernus classification commonly found in and around the oceans of Verpets. It is most easily identified by its thick outer shell which protects it from predators.


Most Anolia are docile creatures, coveted for their even-tempered nature. They are shy and it often makes them difficult to find. Anolia make for low-maintenance pets, but their average intelligence level limits their trainability.


Anolias can be found throughout Verpets' oceans. They tend to stick closely to reefs for shelter and protection from their most feared predator, the Traumilis. During their breeding season, thousands of Anolia travel to beaches to lay their eggs.

Black - Blue - Brown

Green - Orange - Pink

Purple - Red - White

Yellow - Death - Divine

Teacup - Viral - Totem


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